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Product Reviews

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Northern Wildlife Leggings ($25.49)
    reviewed by Chelsae Brush

    Absolutely love these! Super soft and comfy. They kept me warm this weekend :)

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  • Our starter adventure pack includes six items of Du North clothing, one Du North promotional pack and one Du North personal website!Our starter adventure pack includes six items of Du North clothing, one Du North promotional pack and one Du North personal website!

    Starter Adventure Pack ($99.00)
    reviewed by Judy

    How do I become an independent distributor?

    View this product →
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Night Of The Elephant 2-10 Leggings ($24.99)
    reviewed by Ryan Tablet

    This print is amazing. Love everything about them.

    View this product →
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Funky Feathers 14-26 Leggings ($35.49)
    reviewed by Laura Krikie

    Check out my funky legs! These bad mammajammas are fan-freaking-tastic! They are soft, pretty, and you won't find them elsewhere. They are one of my favorites!

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  • Home Of The Brave Childrens Leggings ($19.99)
    reviewed by Barbara Thompson

    These were my girls first pair of Du North leggings and they couldn't be happier! They were actually excited for once to be matching not only each other, but their mommy as well! The leggings are so soft and fit my 4 and 7 year old perfectly.

    View this product →
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Home Of The Brave 2-10 Capris ($24.99 $9.99)
    reviewed by Brianna Pecora

    There's a lot of things I'm not certain about in today's day & age, but one thing is for sure- these leggings were the perfect pick to center my Independence Day wardrobe around. Super soft, kept me cool and comfortable on a hot, hectic day, and nice and stretchy to allow some growing room for the large amounts of bbq and apple pie that was consumed. I honestly always veer from any prints with white in them because I'm always afraid they'll be see-through but that is not the case. Kept me covered without giving anyone a show... I will no longer fear the white prints!

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Recent News

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How a Stewardess Met the Man of Her Dreams

Too much “Maruch” FUN!

Here we are a complete family of 5…. and by complete I mean no more babies for me. Don’t feel sad or sorry for me…. this is our choice… if we were to get pregnant again … I’m sure the next one…. I’d wake up and there would be baby in the bed right next to me. All my births were fast and basically painless. The last one was the fastest. But that would be a blog for another day. LOL. This one’s about how I met my man!

My Man and Our Family

There is Charlee our eldest daughter , Anthony our middle child and Isabella our youngest daughter, Again Paul and myself Kristi.

me and my man now

Meeting the Man Who Became My Husband

My husband Paul and I have known each other for about 13 years…. We met in the most traditional place where single people in their twenties would be ……. THE BAR.

Now this bar is a normal hangout in my home town for the older side of the twenties and beyond…. where the words cougar and dirty old man are thrown around easily as most of the participants there were these “types” in training or already received that medal of honor.

Now I was working on a locally owned cruise line as a stewardess and was granted shore leave for the May “24” long weekend! This was amazing ’cause I had been on the ship for about 3 weeks and was dying to get away!  So I contacted the girls…. went over to my friend Roxi’s place and got tarted up!  Then off to THE BAR we go!!

Now like any good sailor …. telling stories, make fun of the masses around us and of course doing this all while double fisting. As all this is occurring I notice that my bottles of blue became empty….. some how. This is where is decide to head to the bar to reload!

riding with my man

My Man and His Charm….

As I worm my way to the bar and shimmy in to the front and wait my turn for the bartender to ask me what I wanted …. when I look over and see the amazingly handsome man next to me. What was extra great…. someone I didn’t recognize! “Fresh Meat” LOL
He looks at me and says “Hi, can I get you a drink?”

“Yes you can!”

So he orders my drink and he causally starts a conversation. I work in my “top 5 questions” in the conversation.

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Man:

  1. Where are you from? ( this helps to rule out a potential random cousin…. it’s a big town…. but I have a big local family….LOL)
  2. Where do you work? (This is a major criteria for future stability)
  3. I see if he also has a big family….This will give me an idea if he will live through any multi-level interrogations he will go through.
  4. While he’s chatting away I check my visual preferences : I check for nice teeth / smile and hands (woman like hands on men …. freak me out…… seriously… I get the sweats)
  5. Has he made me laugh?
    Now not to worry….. He passed all 5 with flying colors!!

I’ve had people ask me why I don’t have a top 10…. I advised because one hand always has a drink in it…. so Top 5 it is!  And let’s face it top 5 is enough for a bar night encounter. LOL

Kristi Marucci educate


Now as our conversion continues…. the bartender starts heading back towards us with our order. As he gets closer Paul turns to me and says “Ok here come our drinks….I’ll need some money for yours!”

My mouth dropped!!

I was like “um … what?” He reaped himself ….. oh ya I laid  right into him…. ladies.

“OK…number 1… you asked me if I wanted a drink…. at a bar…. therefore buying me a drink!”

He responded “Well …. I don’t even know you… why would I buy you one? I was just being polite cause the bartender was asking me.”

“Well, let me educate you on how bar flirting works….. you do this so that I will … in hopes…. continue to chat with you because of your offer towards me! It shows me you have an interest and perhaps would like to further this encounter outside of the bar once we did get to know each better by discussing our what-nots and enjoy these drinks together….. all while shamelessly flirting!

However as this event has now been tarnished because you’re a cheapo….. let me show you how it’s done!”   “What are you drinking?”

“Ummm…Rye and coke…..??”

I then caught the attention of the bartender ordered him another drink and paid for both our drink orders. That’s right he was now double fisting…… ME….

Still fuming…. Turned to him as the bartender set his 2 drinks down….. and that’s what you do when you order someone a drink!” cheered him and went back to the girls….leaving him at the bar.

Didn’t see him much after that as we started to do the tour around the bar… seeing the same people in the same spots wearing the same clothes drinking the same drinks every Saturday night. LOL

Us girls were getting ready to head out to get our full of poutine and call it a night….

Paul came up to me again as I was getting ready to go…

We step aside and he asks for my number…. after all that he wanted my number!! I laughed RIGHT IN HIS FACE!  jokingly I said “ya sure…. LOL…. I grab a pen from the bar and reach into my pocket for the perfect piece of paper to write my name and number on. I then handed it over to him…

“Here you go…..I know you won’t lose this!” LOL

AND  left with the girls.
I gave him a 5 dollar bill with my name and number on it.

We’ve been married now 10 years strong.

kristi marucci

Thank you

Kristi Marucci

Proud Du North Distributor

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Downsized Mom Finds a Fit for Her Family at Du North

Meet Du North Designs Distributor Susie Tanner

My name is Susie Tanner I’ve been selling Du North Designs for a year. I worked in marketing for many years but was “downsized” in 2008 when the recession hit and have stayed home since then. I missed getting out and meeting people, Du North has been great for that! I love doing the vendor and craft shows.

Du North Distributor Susie Tanner

I have 3 daughters and 6 grandkids. My youngest daughter, Latoya I adopted as an infant from the foster care system. She has special needs and a lot of medical needs. She is the love of my life! Latoya goes to workshop each weekday so I have plenty of time to work on my business.

During that time I set appointments, help my mentees, look for shows, organize my stock, and shop for supplies. My 2 other girls have families and jobs, Shel lives 10 hours away so we don’t get to see her and her family. Amy lives an hour away, we see her every week or so.

When I’m not busy with Du North or Latoya my other passion is baking and decorating cakes and cookies!

susie tanner football cookies

This Rolling Stones cake won me FRONT ROW TICKETS in 2005!!!! That was the thrill of a lifetime for this old gal! I took my Rolling Stones partner, my daughter Amy! Oh what a time we had!

rolling stones winning cake

Susie Tanner

Posted on

Make the Best of This Life. Du North Can Help!

Hi, my name is Renae.

I am a WORK from home mom of 4.  Happily married and expecting child #5, Lily Gayle.

I wanted to share with you a story about not giving up and not letting doubt, fear and worry take over your life.

I am not an expert but, I can tell you my story of the obstacle I am overcoming and how I am working hard everyday to make the best of this life I was given.

My Life December 2014

I was in the middle of finals with my online courses at Ultimate Medical Academy Online.  I had a book mess in my living room with notes, books and laptop on my coffee table.

I had to jump up when my alarm clock went off to get my oldest daughter from school.  I rushed out the door and picked her up.  I got back home and quickly got back to my work.

I wanted to listen to some music so I got up and turned the tv on.  Pressed the button on the front of the T.V. and then I turned and bent down to plug in the lights on the Christmas tree to the right of the T.V.  Although I didn’t get that far.


I hit my head on the corner of the T.V.  Instant pain that sent me to the floor in tears.  My daughter ran out of her room to see what the sound was and I explained to her what had happened.

I thought I was too busy with my studying that I must not have been paying attention to what I was doing.  I got ice on my head and went back to my school work.

That evening I was nauseated, dizzy, confused slightly and the worst headache ever.  My husband took me to the ER.  I had a CT scan done to check for head injury.

Not feeling well and waiting for the doctor to come in was the worst.  Then the doctor came in the room.  She said, “you don’t have a injury.  No bleed.”

But, as she handed me a medical report she said, “you need to take this and find a neurosurgeon because you have a brain tumor.”  She said she was getting my discharge papers and left the room.

I looked at my husband in disbelief of what I was just told and began sobbing like a baby.

One of those moments in life where everything up until that moment flashes in front of your eyes and you immediately think of

“How will I get through this?”

It was right before Christmas and all the doctor offices in my area had solid booked appointments or were going to be closed for the holiday.

I found a neurosurgeon that saw me on January 6th 2015.  He had ordered an MRI.  During the visit my MRI results were evaluated and I was told I did not in fact have a brain tumor.  I left that office in shock of what was explained to be a glitch on the CT scan.

From January 2015 until July I was fine.

Then on a sunny day we were going to go to the beach as a family for the last retreat of the summer.  I felt ill and my head hurt very bad, with numbness and tingling down my arm.

My husband took me to the ER instead of the beach.  They did another CT scan and I was told I did in fact have a brain tumor.

I had graduated from Ultimate Medical Academy online with high honors.  I decided that I had to put my studies to use and start researching the type of brain tumor and the options for doctors in my area.

The doctor I originally went to in January 2015, he is a spinal & neck neurosurgeon.  Up until my research I didn’t even know there was a specific type of neurosurgeon that specialized in different parts of neuroscience.

I found a support group on facebook for my type of brain tumor which is actually called a Colloid Cyst.  3 in 1 million diagnosed each year makes it RARE.

I began my journey to finding a doctor, neurosurgeon with enough experience with my condition that I would feel ok with the advice I would be given.  After all it is in my brain!

I went to 4 neurosurgeons for consult.  Each one a bit more experienced with this then the other.  I had a remote consult with a neurosurgeon in Baltimore, MD.  and was told to fly out in person.

My sister and her husband went with me.  I flew from California to Maryland to determine how I would be treated.  I was told that I may have to have surgery at some point if it grows but, not to worry until then.  I could not wrap my mind around that statement.

DON’T worry until then.  But, I have a time bomb in my brain!!

I was at home and still a little nervous with the medical advice.  During a phone conversation with the neurosurgeon on Christmas eve he told me “live life as normal, don’t worry so much and enjoy your family”

I asked him if he was so certain that I wouldn’t need surgery if a pregnancy would be ok.  He said, “yes, if you choose to grow your family, I say do it.”

Up until that point I hadn’t really entertained that idea, it was a question out of fear to make sure the neurosurgeon would back the whole live life normally advice.

January 2016, my husband and I decided that what else brings more hope and joy then to do just that…Let’s have 1 more and revolve our life around our kids and family.  Easier said then done at that point.

Months of trying and not conceiving I felt that maybe my time had passed.  My OBGYN assured me that medically a pregnancy would be fine and just keep trying.  I tracked everything.

Ovulation charts ran my life.  It was actually a nice mental break from reading and researching my RARE brain tumor.  It gave more hope and more joy to my life to have that hope and desire to have another child.

July 2016 I had a positive home pregnancy test.  I was elated and happy to share the news I could have shouted it from the roof tops.  Everyone in my family was excited.  The older kids talked about being older siblings and the excitement filled the room.

My first OBGYN appointment was August 10, 2016.  That morning I woke up not feeling well and I had an odd feeling on the way to the doctor.  I told my husband to be prepared for anything.

My intuition of my body was correct.  I was in the early stages of losing that baby.  7 weeks along I had to say goodbye to the hopes and dreams that I so looked forward to.

The pain of that loss along with the doom of my RARE brain tumor and just the overall gloom of the moments that passed as I lost that sweet pregnancy that I named “Emily” it took everything I had to pull myself out of bed and face each day.

I have 4 other kids and being told over and over to be thankful that I at least had kids already did not ease my pain.  I even had someone tell me it was better because heaven forbid the hormones make the brain tumor grow.  Which from research I knew it is not a hormone fed tumor.  I decided to find my focus.

I was a stay at home mom of 4.  With my schedule for all for kids being crazy busy I can not financially work out of my home at a regular 9-5 job.  I also want to be here for my family whenever and however I am needed.

I often lay awake at night searching google for answers while I could not sleep.  It just so happened that my youngest daughter was complaining about her jeans and she wanted more leggings so I was googling leggings.  Of course my phone sends those wonderful suggestions every once in a while based on my google search.  There in the night as I googled I saw Du North Designs Ltd pop up.  I had never heard of it before.  It lead me to looking at the website and the business opportunity and the mission behind what this company did.

I fell in love!

I researched it and asked questions.  Then I decided that I was going to do something positive and uplifting for others as I pull myself out of the blur of gloom I was stuck in.

I joined Du North Designs Ltd on September 13, 2016.  I have been working hard at building my dream for my home based business while staying home with my family.  Giving me this purpose to help empower other women with support, knowledge and friendship.  I want to enrich the lives of others and bring joy to them.

  • One gift at a time.
  • One happy customer at a time.
  • One answer to help a fellow Distributor at a time.

I want to reach out and offer help as a leader.  I want to be successful in what I do and be a good example to my family that with hard work and dedication you will accomplish everything you set your mind to with or without a brain tumor or health issue or obstacle that stands in the way.

My Life Now

I became more then just a Distributor with Du North Designs.  I feel like I have built my family with the friendships that have been created.  I stopped focusing on trying to get pregnant and focused on other things that made me happy.

Then on November 27, 2016 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  I am now 14 weeks pregnant, overcoming my fear of failure, fear of success, fear of death and to live in a way that I am truly living.

I try to not let these things overcome me and work hard at moving forward.  I hope to help others that are overcoming obstacles by offering a hand to help them rise up.

This journey is not over, sometimes I feel like it’s just beginning. Like a good novel that when you get to page 200 there is such a good twist it keeps you glued to the pages and you don’t want to blink or stop to eat.  You just want to see how it ends and where the book takes you.  I can tell you this.

The chapter I am in is a great chapter and I hope to share the rest as you follow me on this new blog that Du North Designs is gracious enough to give me a platform to share my story in hopes that it inspires you in some way!

du north best life

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Fibromyalgia Tried to Get the Best of Me, But Now I’m Back!

able to work from home with fibromyalgia thanks to du north designs


My name is Kim and I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of one 2.5yr old sassy girl lol.

I was a single teenage mom who didn’t let that stop me from getting my education…I took 5 years and got my nursing degree and worked in Psychiatry for 22 years.

At the age 41 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and severe nerve degeneration.

I was unable to work and the insurance company giving me hard time about my fibromyalgia led to financial stress on top of daily immense pain. It took 3 years to find a regiment that worked well enough for me to cope daily but I was pretty depressed.

About a year half ago I decided I was done with others telling me what I could do and could not do. I took my life back!

I decided to research and find something I could do that would make me feel useful, intelligent and happy… and I found it!

Working from home allows me to work any day good or bad.

I can work from bed or couch if it’s a bad day and just knowing that I can do that on my schedule makes me feel like nothing can stand in my way of becoming successful despite a nasty disability..

…or I can be at the park playing with my granddaughter and still work from my phone…

It’s so liberating and amazing …. and to feel like I’m useful, needed and appreciated again is better then any medicine!

I can honestly say I have the best life.

Kim Desroches
Du North Designs Distributor



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The Importance of Fashion by Kayla Arends, DuNorth Designs Distributor


Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Arends, and I would consider myself a bit of a fashionista! I currently work as a Surgical Tech and also as a Du North Designs distributor.

I love sewing, knitting, crocheting, and anything outdoors. I have been with DN since Nov. 2016 and have loved every minute! When you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life!

That is how I have felt since day one with DN, and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

The Importance of Fashion

Many see fashion changing, a way to have fun, or just clothes that are needed to put on your body. Though we need clothes to cover our body, it’s so much more.

There are Sociological Needs.

“Fashion satisfies two strong demands
of social man- the demand for novelty and the demand for conformity.”

The novelty explains the fun in fashion, and we seem to all follow suite when it comes to trends.

There is also wanting to be unique!

To be different and keep changing the creativity! Concepts may be strict or loose, but have some idea. Test these ideas then refine to
perfection! Creativity starts as an idea, but also involves math, senses, and knowing human nature.

Fashion is important because it is a part of human nature. It also involves physical and mental skills. It is a way of self expression, yet allows for conformity. It fills the need for necessity, yet can be fun!

Mostly, fashion is something we can all get into, and no one is exempt!

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Why Join DuNorth: How It Changed My Life

Editor’s Note: We are so excited to feature some of our DuNorth darlings in a special feature about how deciding to join DuNorth changed their lives.

Adelina’s Story

Why Join DuNorth: How It Changed My Life

My name is Adelina Glenn. I’m 37 years old. I have been married 12 years and have 2 beautiful children  8 years old and 11 years old.

I have been a licensed nurse for 11 years and in the medical field for 16 years. My life as a nurse has been great and I have worked in home health, managed assisted living community, and supervised and managed at a couple medical offices.

Since 2011 I have worked in direct sales on and off. I love meeting new people but just hadn’t found “my thing.” For the past several years I just have not been happy with myself or my work performance.

I had a hard time believing in myself and found I was quite the people pleaser. I did anything I could to make others happy, even when my happiness was the least of my worries.

The Challenge Of Adjusting To Motherhood

I think a huge part of my lack of confidence in myself started after I had my daughter. I spent 9 months after giving birth to her feeling sad and depressed. I found myself coming home from work on many occasions just wanting to drive my car into something. I didn’t want to harm anyone but I was ready to leave this world.

It took 9 months before I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. It really was crazy how one’s thoughts can go so dark.

2 years later I had my son and this time my postpartum was so much more intense. I spent so much time thinking about how I was going to end my life.

I loved my kids and I never wanted to hurt them. I just was so done being apart of this world. I felt so alone and so depressed. It is crazy how those feelings just over run your whole life. It is so dark and scary.

I remember coming home from work after being so depressed and just ready to take all the pills I had saved. I am not sure I would have done it but that day could have been my last.

That day I was put on medication to take for my depression. I am not sure my husband really understood how depressed I was. However, he was supportive as he always is and I got through that dark time in my life.

I am so thankful for that because I could not imagine how my kid and family would have felt had I left them.

Deciding To Make A Change

So, for the next several years I spent all my time working extremely hard in my jobs. I always put my work before my family. I worked to please all my managers, my co-workers and whoever I could just to be the best I could be.

Making people happy made me happy…well, not exactly. I am a people pleaser and that meant making them happy but at the expense of my own happiness.

I was so depressed with my jobs. It truly has been a rollercoaster the past several years and I knew there was so much more in this world for me but it is so scary to start over.

October 2016, my best friend invited me to a 2 day event called the Front Seat Life, hosted by Jessica Butts. She wrote the book, “Living Life in the Front Seat.”  Those 3 days I spent out of town were some of the best days of my life!!!

Talk about a life changing moment. I was surrounded by 125 women who were full of life, full of spirit, positive, motivated, inspiring and so much more! A lot of these women have stories of their own but it was so awesome to be part of that environment! That weekend my best friend told me we had to sign up to be in this Front Seat Life Group. I didn’t think much of it and just signed up.

Changing My Life

Since that weekend, I have decided I am me and the only person I need to please is myself. I need to be happy and live life in my front seat. I handed in my 30 days notice and decided that 2017 was going to be all about me and being happy for me!!! So, here I am now a distributor with Du North.

I have no idea what my future holds. But I do know that I have already met some wonderful ladies on this team who are amazing! Some work and do this part time and others stay home run their business. I knew that I wanted to open an business and I am so happy that Du North came across my Facebook newsfeed!  I have found my fun and happiness.  I can’t wait to grow with Du North and all my Darling family! I hope I can uplift, empower and inspire women just like others have done for me! We all deserve to live a happy life!


Adelina Glenn

Richland, WA