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How a Stewardess Met the Man of Her Dreams

Too much “Maruch” FUN!

Here we are a complete family of 5…. and by complete I mean no more babies for me. Don’t feel sad or sorry for me…. this is our choice… if we were to get pregnant again … I’m sure the next one…. I’d wake up and there would be baby in the bed right next to me. All my births were fast and basically painless. The last one was the fastest. But that would be a blog for another day. LOL. This one’s about how I met my man!

My Man and Our Family

There is Charlee our eldest daughter , Anthony our middle child and Isabella our youngest daughter, Again Paul and myself Kristi.

me and my man now

Meeting the Man Who Became My Husband

My husband Paul and I have known each other for about 13 years…. We met in the most traditional place where single people in their twenties would be ……. THE BAR.

Now this bar is a normal hangout in my home town for the older side of the twenties and beyond…. where the words cougar and dirty old man are thrown around easily as most of the participants there were these “types” in training or already received that medal of honor.

Now I was working on a locally owned cruise line as a stewardess and was granted shore leave for the May “24” long weekend! This was amazing ’cause I had been on the ship for about 3 weeks and was dying to get away!  So I contacted the girls…. went over to my friend Roxi’s place and got tarted up!  Then off to THE BAR we go!!

Now like any good sailor …. telling stories, make fun of the masses around us and of course doing this all while double fisting. As all this is occurring I notice that my bottles of blue became empty….. some how. This is where is decide to head to the bar to reload!

riding with my man

My Man and His Charm….

As I worm my way to the bar and shimmy in to the front and wait my turn for the bartender to ask me what I wanted …. when I look over and see the amazingly handsome man next to me. What was extra great…. someone I didn’t recognize! “Fresh Meat” LOL
He looks at me and says “Hi, can I get you a drink?”

“Yes you can!”

So he orders my drink and he causally starts a conversation. I work in my “top 5 questions” in the conversation.

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Man:

  1. Where are you from? ( this helps to rule out a potential random cousin…. it’s a big town…. but I have a big local family….LOL)
  2. Where do you work? (This is a major criteria for future stability)
  3. I see if he also has a big family….This will give me an idea if he will live through any multi-level interrogations he will go through.
  4. While he’s chatting away I check my visual preferences : I check for nice teeth / smile and hands (woman like hands on men …. freak me out…… seriously… I get the sweats)
  5. Has he made me laugh?
    Now not to worry….. He passed all 5 with flying colors!!

I’ve had people ask me why I don’t have a top 10…. I advised because one hand always has a drink in it…. so Top 5 it is!  And let’s face it top 5 is enough for a bar night encounter. LOL

Kristi Marucci educate


Now as our conversion continues…. the bartender starts heading back towards us with our order. As he gets closer Paul turns to me and says “Ok here come our drinks….I’ll need some money for yours!”

My mouth dropped!!

I was like “um … what?” He reaped himself ….. oh ya I laid  right into him…. ladies.

“OK…number 1… you asked me if I wanted a drink…. at a bar…. therefore buying me a drink!”

He responded “Well …. I don’t even know you… why would I buy you one? I was just being polite cause the bartender was asking me.”

“Well, let me educate you on how bar flirting works….. you do this so that I will … in hopes…. continue to chat with you because of your offer towards me! It shows me you have an interest and perhaps would like to further this encounter outside of the bar once we did get to know each better by discussing our what-nots and enjoy these drinks together….. all while shamelessly flirting!

However as this event has now been tarnished because you’re a cheapo….. let me show you how it’s done!”   “What are you drinking?”

“Ummm…Rye and coke…..??”

I then caught the attention of the bartender ordered him another drink and paid for both our drink orders. That’s right he was now double fisting…… ME….

Still fuming…. Turned to him as the bartender set his 2 drinks down….. and that’s what you do when you order someone a drink!” cheered him and went back to the girls….leaving him at the bar.

Didn’t see him much after that as we started to do the tour around the bar… seeing the same people in the same spots wearing the same clothes drinking the same drinks every Saturday night. LOL

Us girls were getting ready to head out to get our full of poutine and call it a night….

Paul came up to me again as I was getting ready to go…

We step aside and he asks for my number…. after all that he wanted my number!! I laughed RIGHT IN HIS FACE!  jokingly I said “ya sure…. LOL…. I grab a pen from the bar and reach into my pocket for the perfect piece of paper to write my name and number on. I then handed it over to him…

“Here you go…..I know you won’t lose this!” LOL

AND  left with the girls.
I gave him a 5 dollar bill with my name and number on it.

We’ve been married now 10 years strong.

kristi marucci

Thank you

Kristi Marucci

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