How It All Started... (2)

Du North Designs is a family orientated business whose origins hail from small town McLennan, AB.

Du North began its journey as an opportunity for founder, Krystina Dubrule to focus on her love of fashion and spend more time with her children. It has since expanded to include over 1000 distributors internationally, who also enjoy this freedom.

We believe that everyone can have a successful career and balance family life, both through employment with the company as an independent distribution. We believe that employees perform better when able to spend time with their family through work-at-home positions and flexible schedules and we believe that through knowledge, superior product and marketing tools we empower individuals to run their own business.

Today, Du North Designs Ltd. has over 1000 distributors in
Canada, the United States and Australia, and we are only growing!

Our Mission... (1)

For Empowerment, Inspired by Fashion…
Walk Du North!

Du North Designs strives to be on the forefront of changing lives through empowering men and women in business.  We believe that we can provide to our local community and our Du North team through a fashion movement that facilitates promoting body positivity, teamwork, and inspires other to mirror this in their lives and communities.

What is Our Vision?

It is the vision of Du North to secure a recognizable presence in the independent distribution market through support, and apparel that is affordable and ethically manufactured.

Du North is growing its message of empowerment through fashion. We are in the process of creating our own clothing line, that is  ethically manufactured in North America. We promote Du North as a brand that is inclusive, not exclusive, to anyone who wishes to feel amazing in their own skin.  We also provide Du North distributors with the tools to become successful in running their own Du North business. One of Du North’s most important values is ‘team’. We would not be where we are today if it was not for the amazing individuals who work with us every day.

What are you waiting for…

Walk Du North!
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