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Let’s fill you in on some of the basics.

(Here is a short summary of the benefits of becoming a distributor!)

We know that you have many choices when it comes to home based businesses,

so we want to thank you for checking out ours!

What’s so great about selling Du North?



– You can Work Your Own Hours!

– Amazing customer-service; we are here to help you learn and grow!

– We are a family-oriented company

– You can pick what clothes you want to distribute

– We have a Low Start-up Fee!

– Monthly incentives (gifts) for different sales levels

– Distributor blogs and webinars for marketing and education

– Monthly shipping and product sales

– Exclusivity in your area if you are reaching minimum sales points

– Independent websites for our distributors



We have a staff members dedicated to taking the best care of our distributors through phone, live chat and we strive to respond to all distributor emails within a 12 hour time frame (most of the time it is within the hour).

We have built social media networks we encourage you to follow and share. You can use them to network, to get ideas and get selling.

We have a blog dedicated to distributors full of tips, ideas, and information to help you become, and remain successful.

How do you sell Du North Designs?


You can choose to sell as either a retailer, or a distributor. As a retailer you can sell in your already established retail location by purchasing wholesale. As an independent distributor you can sell as home show, markets, social media or any other method you as a distributor choose either through cash and carry sales by purchasing wholesale, or through an independent website sales with commission payouts. There are essentially no limits.

How do you make money?


There are two ways that you make money:

Direct sale: You buy the product from us and resell at whatever price you choose. For example, if a distributor sells 100 pairs of leggings (which usually lasts about 3 shows), a potential profit of about $1300 is available. None of the revenue or profits go back to Du North, it is 100% to the seller. Simply put, you buy it, you sell it and all the profits are yours! The average profit margin on wholesale purchased is 45%-65%.

Referral: If you have a customer that purchases off of your website, we will give 25% of the sale back to you. We also support online parities, and give back 25% of the profit to the distributor and 10% of the sales to the host, as well as 1 half price item for every $300 sold in the party.

1). We have several kits available and they can all be found and purchased by visiting


2) You can build your own kit.

You can purchase individual items that you would like. In order to do this, please follow the directions later in this message on how to make an account. Once we receive your request for an account we will change it to wholesale. Once your account is wholesale, please add the items you would like to your cart and then checkout.

3) Website Exclusiveness.

Here are some of the highlights of the individual websites:
We pay  25% Commission paid directly to team member bank account on a bi-weekly basis. There is no need to carry inventory.
A Lounge for our ‘Darlings’ located directly on the website. This lounge will include files, photos and webinars to assist our darlings. We will take care of shipping and returns for all orders placed on a ‘Darlings’ website.

If you choose to become a legging distributor, you can go ahead and purchase a kit,

but it is also beneficial if you make an account.

1) Go to

2) Click the ‘My Account’ link ,

create an account and be sure to indicate via the check box that you are interested in becoming a distributor. Once we receive this request, we will change your account to wholesale and send you start-up information via email. Once your account is wholesale you can go ahead and place your first order.

In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please email requesting wholesale status and a start up email, and be sure to check out your spam folder as well as we do find that sometimes our emails get filtered.

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