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Product Reviews

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Dia De Muertos Leggings ($24.99)
    reviewed by Tacha Lehouillier

    Love them, fits like a glove :)

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  • Our starter adventure pack includes six items of Du North clothing, one Du North promotional pack and one Du North personal website!

    Starter Adventure Pack ($99.00)
    reviewed by Erin

    A friend and I are looking to do this together and are looking for a mentor

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  • These funky feathers leggings are a Du North Designs exclusive print! This means you wont be able to find these leggings anywhere else!

    Funky Feathers Leggings ($34.49)
    reviewed by Tannnnis

    What is the sizing? Im a xs.

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  • These leggings are both eerie and elegant. With swirling green designs covering an inky black solid color, the mystery behind these designs will have you and your friends talking for days!

    Deep Sea Mystery Leggings ()
    reviewed by Kendra

    When will you have these again?

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  • Even when the seasons change, our feelings for you stay the same, From Winter to Summer, Autumn to Fall,From orange to pink and purple to blue, the only leggings we fall for are you.
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Falling For You Leggings ($19.99$26.99)
    reviewed by Tiffany Warmack

    The colors in these are beautiful. They feel so soft and fit perfectly. Even my teenager wants a pair for herself.

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  • Black Pocket Dress

    Pocket Dresses ($37.99)
    reviewed by Terry walker

    How do the sizes range?

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