Happy Saturday! I am so excited for our new series, Du North Saturday Spotlight!! Let me just say before we get to the awesome interview that I did with customer-turned distributor Crystal Monica-Leigh, that I am so excited to be here blogging for Du North!! My goal is for everyone to fall in love with Du North as much as I have, because this is a very unique company. I mean, how many companies do you know that would let a distributor start a new feature on the company blog??!! Precisely. Not many! I wanted to do these interviews to introduce you to some of the people that make up Du North – whether they are distributors, customers or even the incredible staff members that work at the home office. There are so many great stories to share! I might even get around to sharing my own story! I am starting this series off with Crystal Monica-Leigh because when I was reading through the notes I had about her, I just kept thinking this is what being in business is all about, to ultimately create and sell something that makes life better for people!!

Jamison: Hi Crystal! Thanks so much for doing this interview! I am so excited you agreed to this because I really feel like your story will help someone else out there! I would love for you to start out by telling us a little about yourself and your Du North story!

Crystal: Hi, thanks so much! I live in Michigan, I am 25 years old and have a beautiful 7 year old son and an incredible partner of 4 years. I spend my days on a farm with cows, dogs and cats. For the last 6 years l have lived with horrible abdominal pain. In April this year l went in for a laparoscopic surgery to look for Endometriosis. What they found was a version not well known and just as brutal. I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. Just like Endo l have days when getting out of bed is nearly impossible. Walking is enough to put me in tears. The thought of squeezing into a pair of jeans was unbearable. Then I found Du North. My leggings allow me to be comfortable and still rock so many styles. With Du North I can layer my dolmans with leggings and feel completely comfortable. I love that the leggings sit at my waist. They don’t add pressure where it’s already sore & I don’t feel constricted. Du North has given me back my self confidence, my body, and my comfort.

Jamison: When I first heard your story it honestly gave me chills because I know there are so many women out there who would benefit from wearing leggings. It might seem like it’s not such a big deal to some people but, I know that when you are in pain anything that can alleviate that pain without having to take some form of medication is a blessing. Your story gets even better though! You not only found some awesome leggings- but you found something you were passionate about and that you could earn an income from!

Crystal: Yes! A while ago I finally got the job I had been hoping for in a little mom and pop general store, but when I ended up in the hospital because of the Adenomyosis, I lost that job. When you work for someone else you aren’t guaranteed job security. After that, being home all the time I got really depressed – not having anything that I enjoyed. In June this year I received my first few Du North leggings and I immediately fell in love! I thought, wow this company is a lifesaver and I joined as a distributor!! The second reason I decided to join Du North though was because my boyfriend works for a company where he is gone from Monday until Friday every week. Having something extra to keep me busy that I love and enjoy while he is away is a big deal.

Jamison: I really feel like your story is going to inspire a lot of women out there who need/want a change in their lives – and not just a change – but I think it will inspire all women who want something more. I love the fact that you didn’t give up even when things have been difficult for you! On a lighter note, tell me what is the craziest thing you have done or would do on the farm in Du North leggings?

Crystal: LOL, well I don’t know about “crazy” things, but I do wear them day to day – mostly while feeding the cows. Occasionally I’ll take the tractor in my leggings and chase the cows out of the rye field. However, if I was going to do something crazy in my leggings I would probably go Mud Bogging which is driving big altered trucks and tractors thru giant mud pits. It’s a really popular thing to do in the summer and sometimes they have Mud Bogging events to raise money for things. People put a lot of money into mud trucks out here lol.

Jamison: That sounds so fun!!! Maybe someday if I am ever out that way I can tag along lol!! I am all about big trucks and mud! Ok moving on haha, if someone is thinking about joining Du North but they are still on the fence, what would you say to them?

Crystal: I would say the worst that could happen is breaking even and you can’t put a price on experience. I also want to say that having the ability to set my own schedule is amazing! My son helped me with our first giveaway and was super excited about helping. There are so many reasons why it’s worth it to take a chance and do this.

Jamison: I couldn’t agree more! I feel like once you start your own business your eyes are opened the endless possibilities of living life on your own terms! Me, I hate having to rush around in the morning – that’s not how I want to have to live my life! So tell me what you think are some of the best benefits of being part of Du North?

Crystal: I love having the ability to connect with other distributors. The positivity everyone has to help each other out is amazing! Starting out can be confusing but everyone is so friendly and willing to share. It makes it easier to transition into this business. As with anything you have to have drive, but the support makes all the difference! I also love being able to meet the people I sell to and to say thank you to my customers in person at events! It’s just such a warm & fuzzy business. I feel that me being a part of Du North inspires other people too!

Jamison: Awww. #AllTheFeels …I think you have a great future ahead of you with Du North and I sincerely see you being a leader. What are you most looking forward to in 2017 with Du North? You have a lot of lives to help change don’t you?

Crystal: Indeed! I know that Du North is going to be the vehicle that changes many lives in the coming year. I am also looking forward to more pop up parties, vendor events and meeting lots of new people!

Jamison: I love it and I hope you keep us posted on life and business in the new year. I think though the questions everyone wants to know the answers to are, do you see a future for farm animals in leggings? And, what advice would you give to the people out there who don’t think leggings are pants? I mean – you know I had to ask, right?

Crystal: Hahaha, of course although I don’t think I’ll be putting my leggings on the cows, but I’d love to see some cow print leggings!! To answer your second question, you can’t have ninja moves in jeans! (I think pretty much answers whether or not leggings are pants

Jamison: Great idea & I second the cow print leggings idea! Lol, although I have seen some pics of goats in leggings floating around Facebook so I started to think maybe this was a “thing” hahaha. I also think maybe jeans aren’t pants now… who could argue with your ninja observation.

Crystal: Exactly.

Thank you so much to Crystal for being such a great interview sport and for sharing her story here with us all! I also asked her to share one of her favorite fall family recipes from the farm with us and she was very kind to do so. If you would like to contact her you can reach her at: CryR927@icloud.com

Crystal’s Crockpot Chicken

4 thawed boneless chicken breasts
1 box Stuffing Cornbread Mix (6oz)
1 can cream of chicken soup
½ cup sour cream
¼ cup water

Spray crockpot with non stick spray.
**This is a must**
Place chicken breasts in bottom of crockpot.
Pour dry stuffing mix over chicken.
In a medium size bowl combine cream of chicken soup, sour cream ; mix well.
Pour on top of stuffing mix.
Pour water over top of mixture
(I add a bag of frozen green beans here!!!)
Place lid on crockpot and cook on low for 4 hours (check it at 3 hours).
Fluff and serve.

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