Meet Du North Designs Distributor Susie Tanner

My name is Susie Tanner I’ve been selling Du North Designs for a year. I worked in marketing for many years but was “downsized” in 2008 when the recession hit and have stayed home since then. I missed getting out and meeting people, Du North has been great for that! I love doing the vendor and craft shows.

Du North Distributor Susie Tanner

I have 3 daughters and 6 grandkids. My youngest daughter, Latoya I adopted as an infant from the foster care system. She has special needs and a lot of medical needs. She is the love of my life! Latoya goes to workshop each weekday so I have plenty of time to work on my business.

During that time I set appointments, help my mentees, look for shows, organize my stock, and shop for supplies. My 2 other girls have families and jobs, Shel lives 10 hours away so we don’t get to see her and her family. Amy lives an hour away, we see her every week or so.

When I’m not busy with Du North or Latoya my other passion is baking and decorating cakes and cookies!

susie tanner football cookies

This Rolling Stones cake won me FRONT ROW TICKETS in 2005!!!! That was the thrill of a lifetime for this old gal! I took my Rolling Stones partner, my daughter Amy! Oh what a time we had!

rolling stones winning cake

Susie Tanner