Editor’s Note: We are so excited to feature some of our DuNorth darlings in a special feature about how deciding to join DuNorth changed their lives.

Adelina’s Story

Why Join DuNorth: How It Changed My Life

My name is Adelina Glenn. I’m 37 years old. I have been married 12 years and have 2 beautiful children  8 years old and 11 years old.

I have been a licensed nurse for 11 years and in the medical field for 16 years. My life as a nurse has been great and I have worked in home health, managed assisted living community, and supervised and managed at a couple medical offices.

Since 2011 I have worked in direct sales on and off. I love meeting new people but just hadn’t found “my thing.” For the past several years I just have not been happy with myself or my work performance.

I had a hard time believing in myself and found I was quite the people pleaser. I did anything I could to make others happy, even when my happiness was the least of my worries.

The Challenge Of Adjusting To Motherhood

I think a huge part of my lack of confidence in myself started after I had my daughter. I spent 9 months after giving birth to her feeling sad and depressed. I found myself coming home from work on many occasions just wanting to drive my car into something. I didn’t want to harm anyone but I was ready to leave this world.

It took 9 months before I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. It really was crazy how one’s thoughts can go so dark.

2 years later I had my son and this time my postpartum was so much more intense. I spent so much time thinking about how I was going to end my life.

I loved my kids and I never wanted to hurt them. I just was so done being apart of this world. I felt so alone and so depressed. It is crazy how those feelings just over run your whole life. It is so dark and scary.

I remember coming home from work after being so depressed and just ready to take all the pills I had saved. I am not sure I would have done it but that day could have been my last.

That day I was put on medication to take for my depression. I am not sure my husband really understood how depressed I was. However, he was supportive as he always is and I got through that dark time in my life.

I am so thankful for that because I could not imagine how my kid and family would have felt had I left them.

Deciding To Make A Change

So, for the next several years I spent all my time working extremely hard in my jobs. I always put my work before my family. I worked to please all my managers, my co-workers and whoever I could just to be the best I could be.

Making people happy made me happy…well, not exactly. I am a people pleaser and that meant making them happy but at the expense of my own happiness.

I was so depressed with my jobs. It truly has been a rollercoaster the past several years and I knew there was so much more in this world for me but it is so scary to start over.

October 2016, my best friend invited me to a 2 day event called the Front Seat Life, hosted by Jessica Butts. She wrote the book, “Living Life in the Front Seat.”  Those 3 days I spent out of town were some of the best days of my life!!!

Talk about a life changing moment. I was surrounded by 125 women who were full of life, full of spirit, positive, motivated, inspiring and so much more! A lot of these women have stories of their own but it was so awesome to be part of that environment! That weekend my best friend told me we had to sign up to be in this Front Seat Life Group. I didn’t think much of it and just signed up.

Changing My Life

Since that weekend, I have decided I am me and the only person I need to please is myself. I need to be happy and live life in my front seat. I handed in my 30 days notice and decided that 2017 was going to be all about me and being happy for me!!! So, here I am now a distributor with Du North.

I have no idea what my future holds. But I do know that I have already met some wonderful ladies on this team who are amazing! Some work and do this part time and others stay home run their business. I knew that I wanted to open an business and I am so happy that Du North came across my Facebook newsfeed!  I have found my fun and happiness.  I can’t wait to grow with Du North and all my Darling family! I hope I can uplift, empower and inspire women just like others have done for me! We all deserve to live a happy life!


Adelina Glenn

Richland, WA