DuNorth Mountain Summit

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DuNorth Mountain Summit 2017
September 22-24, Hotel Clique/Applause, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

DuNorth Mountain Summit
DuNorth Mountain Summit

Du North Designs is a family orientated business whose origins hail from small town McLennan, AB.

Du North began its journey as an opportunity for founder, Krystina Dubrule to focus on her love of fashion and spend more time with her children. It has since expanded to include over 1000 distributors internationally, who also enjoy this freedom.
We believe that everyone can have a successful career and balance family life, both through employment with the company and as an Independent Distributor. We believe that employees perform better when able to spend time with their family through work-at-home positions and flexible schedules and we believe that through knowledge, superior product and marketing tools we empower individuals to run their own business.



Du North Designs strives to be on the forefront of changing lives through empowering men and women in business. We believe that we can provide to our local community, and our Du North team, through a fashion movement that facilitates promoting body positivity, teamwork, and inspires others to mirror this in their lives and communities.

What is Our Vision?

It is the vision of Du North to secure a recognizable presence in the independent distribution market through support, and apparel that is affordable and ethically manufactured.
Du North is growing its message of empowerment through fashion. We promote Du North as a brand that is inclusive, not exclusive, to anyone who wishes to feel amazing in their own skin. We also provide Du North Distributors with the tools to become successful in running their own Du North business. One of Du North’s most important values is ‘team’. We would not be where we are today if it was not for the amazing individuals who work with us every day.

Vision! Motivation! Endurance! Leadership!

Join us in Calgary this September as we learn how to summit our personal mountains! We’ll enjoy our speakers as they guide us through learning about vision, motivation, endurance, and leadership and how to apply these skills to your businesses. Then we’ll breakout into small groups to learn even more about multi-level marketing, social media marketing, and styling outfits that sell!

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so we’ll gather together for parties, Du North “speed dating”, and some team-building activities to connect along the way! We’ll also have time to shop till we drop!

New product launches available in a conference-exclusive store will be available to attendees before anyone else even sees them. So save yourself some shipping and pack an extra suitcase!

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Tammy Robertson

Tammy Robertson

Get Your Heart in the Game!

Real world challenges can bring life changing lessons. It’s easy to become cynical. It’s much harder to stay positive. The challenge is to dig even deeper, remember who YOU are, and muster up the courage to continue, especially when faced with setbacks, rejection and hardships? You are more resilient than you know and you have more courage than you think. You are a superhero. And you can transform the way you live, lead and love in small ways every day. When you look back you will marvel at your daring optimism and real resilience … and the way you entered each day with only one idea … “I can be a little better than I was yesterday.”
Break-Out Session – YOLO (You Only Live Once)…. Well, it’s True!
Helen Keller said it, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” What if life isn’t really about finally getting your act together, and then gliding through, all bliss and a bowl of cherries? You know you chose to start your own business for many great reasons … flexibility, fun, meaning … to make a difference and to be there for the people you love the most! What if you worked and lived while remembering all that … with even just a bit more Curiosity? More Courage? More Jocularity? What if you really did measure your life in the end, on the journey you took and not the destination? What if what matters most is WHO you became along the way, and not the titles and labels you wear? How would you show up if you were committed to the adventure of being alive?

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Davin Campbell

Davin Campbell

Rocking the Products

    Pauline Therriault

    Pauline Therriault

    Focus On The Mountaintop

    Have you learned anything along the way that has been helpful for your team members with regards to Developing Team Leaders? I really feel like the key is to be very engaged with my team. It’s not only about giving them the right information, but working individually with them to set their goals, and share mine, and how they work together! We work together on our goals, hold each other accountable, cheer each other on, share our successes and the challenges that come along the way. As a kitnapper, I learned I’m very goal and incentive-driven. As it turns out, so are some of the members on my team, so both as a team and individually, I have set out some incentives for us that have helped tremendously! They tell me what incentive they are going for and we break it down to get there so it is not as daunting. It’s been really rewarding as a leader to see the growth and development of the team!

      Jessica Simard

      Jessica Simard

      Dealing With the Valleys and Leading the Way

      Jessica Simard found her home in direct sales with Younique. She was a “kitnapper” for many direct sales brands over the years and her journey with Younique began much the same, but with VERY different results. Within 2.5 years Jessica achieved Exclusive Purple Status, which is the top 0.2% of the company with still one level of achievement firmly within her reach. In that same time, she has grown her team from zero to over 300 people. Jessica was chosen out of over 600,000 presenters to represent the brand as one of the faces of the Spring 2017 Catalogue. Being chosen to be a Younique Catalogue model is about service to community: the Younique community and your community.

      Before the age of 10, Jessica was taught about retail sales from her mother, who owned a variety of businesses over the years and Jessica was hands on in every one of them, learning a variety of skills and the ability to overcome challenges along the way.
      Jessica lives in an officially bilingual community of less than 1,000 people in NW Alberta where she does the administration for her family’s business, is the administrator for one of the largest agricultural trucking firms in Alberta and was part of the marketing team for a start-up company working to achieve North America Brand recognition. In her personal time, outside of her passion for building her business and building her team, one of her greatest pleasures is spending time with her nieces and nephew.