Funky Pineapple Leggings

Funky Pineapple Leggings

Sweet on the inside and funky on the outside!

Our funky pineapple leggings are colorful, bright and just right!

Whisk yourself away to a vacation getaway right in your living room with some pina coladas, some beach boys tunes and our funky pineapple leggings! Feeling warm? Fold them up and make some funky pineapple capris!

Pineapple is the fruit of the season, and the runway. As a famous model once said…pineapple is so hot right now!

We are absolutely in LOVE with these funky pineapple leggings. Even if you dont like pineapple on your pizza, you are sure to love it on your leggings!

Come and do the funky pineapple with Du North today!

Check out our Funky Pineapple Childrens Leggings for a matching pair!

Classic fits approx. 2-10

Curvy fits approx. 8-20

Diva fits approx. 12-26

Made of 92% polyester, 8% spandex

Hand wash cold

Hang dry

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Size Chart

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