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Pocket Dresses

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Du North has their own branded Pocket Dresses? THAT’S AMAZING!!!!

We are sure all of your conversations will start out that way when you are caught wearing one of our gorgeous black pocket dresses!

These dresses are amazingly comfortable, stylish and are easily worn with or without leggings! Plus, these pocket dresses are branded with our very own Du North Designs Logo, so there will be no mistaking where you picked up this gorgeous item!

Wait, there is more! These amazing pocket dresses also have, you guessed it, pockets! Not only can you walk around looking cute as heck all year round, you have a place to put your cell phone, your id, your lipstick, or whatever else a busy woman like you needs to power through the day!

Are you ready to hear even better news? They come in multiple colors! You can be raving in red, getting naughty in navy, or acting cheeky in charcoal. Whatever mood your in or color you are looking for, there is a pocket dress for you!

We’ve got a new pocket dress color for every day of the week! So throw out the rest of your wardrobe, check out our accessories section for some awesome jewelry to match with your new pocket dresses, and rock the day, the week and the rest of your year!

Made of 95% rayon, 5% spandex

Made in U.S.A

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