Rocking Red Plaid Leggings

Rocking Red Plaid Leggings

 Part of the Christmas Leggings Collection are these Rocking Red Plaid Leggings!!!

The best way to get your closet rocking, is for red plaid to come knocking! It tis’ the season for plaid! Or, let’s be honest, it’s always the season for plaid! We don’t know if there is a better way to get in the spirit of the holidays than to don a pair of raving, rocking, red plaid leggings. Do you? We didn’t think so! Perfect for any plaid lover out there, these leggings are ready for you to walk, run, dance or rock out in, all day( or all night) long!

Snag a few pairs of these Rocking Red Plaid Leggings and match them up with any of Du North’s Pocket Dresses, throw on a 3/4 Sleeve Top, or any of Du North’s Floral Sleeve Tops.  You’ll look even better in a Tunic or any color of Du North’s Tops!

Made of 92%polyester, 8% spandex, Hand wash cold, Do not bleach, Hang dry, Curvy- approx. fit 8-20, Classic- approx. Fit 2-10 Diva Approx. Fit 14-30 ( These are larger than our regular diva leggings)



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