Winter Time Leggings

Winter Time Leggings

It’s winter, it’s winter ti-i-ime!

Yes, that chilly white season is upon us here at Du North Designs. We can’t complain though, because with a new season that means NEW LEGGINGS! These winter time leggings are the perfect pair of leggings for those of you who prefer ice to sand, and snow to palm trees.

This is the season for the toque lovers and skiers, snowboarders and sledders. Do you prefer making snow angels instead of sand castles? Then these are definitely the leggings for you!

Kick off those board shorts and make yourself comfortable in these all winter, all the time leggings!

Classic Fits Approx. 2-10

Curvy Fits Approx.  8-20

Made of 92% polyester, 8% spandex

Hand wash cold

Hang dry


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