able to work from home with fibromyalgia thanks to du north designs


My name is Kim and I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of one 2.5yr old sassy girl lol.

I was a single teenage mom who didn’t let that stop me from getting my education…I took 5 years and got my nursing degree and worked in Psychiatry for 22 years.

At the age 41 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and severe nerve degeneration.

I was unable to work and the insurance company giving me hard time about my fibromyalgia led to financial stress on top of daily immense pain. It took 3 years to find a regiment that worked well enough for me to cope daily but I was pretty depressed.

About a year half ago I decided I was done with others telling me what I could do and could not do. I took my life back!

I decided to research and find something I could do that would make me feel useful, intelligent and happy… and I found it!

Working from home allows me to work any day good or bad.

I can work from bed or couch if it’s a bad day and just knowing that I can do that on my schedule makes me feel like nothing can stand in my way of becoming successful despite a nasty disability..

…or I can be at the park playing with my granddaughter and still work from my phone…

It’s so liberating and amazing …. and to feel like I’m useful, needed and appreciated again is better then any medicine!

I can honestly say I have the best life.

Kim Desroches
Du North Designs Distributor