Daphne Selfe, the World’s Oldest Supermodel!



Born in 1928, Daphne Selfe is a model with a message!

She is now 87 years old, and still rocking the runway!

Not only has she aged with grace and style, she is an inspiration to women around the world.

Her goal is to empower women of every age, and to make sure that they never let age keep them from doing the things they want to do in life.

This is how she put it…

“I feel I am a positive role model to encourage women to never let their age get in the way of what they would like to achieve. The pace of life sometimes takes over and people get settled — they need to find themselves again.” – Daphne Selfe


She will influence and inspire so many women, because she is one of those rare gems who is leading by example!

She is undeniable proof that age isn’t what is stopping you from living your dreams… It’s your perception and mindset that is stopping you!

Take it from her… Your age takes nothing from who you are, and who you could be!





Credit:  Photo found at this link… http://interestinglatestnews.blogspot.ca/2014/09/daphne-selfe-worlds-oldest-model-at-age.html